Oct 26, 2014 - Nov 1, 2014
daily average °F
30 year average
30 year avg.
48.95 °F
30 year avg.
48.55 °F
30 year avg.
48.2 °F
30 year avg.
47.85 °F
30 year avg.
47.5 °F
30 year avg.
47.15 °F
30 year avg.
46.75 °F
Have you seen change this week?
  • Well... we had quite a rainy summer and into fall, with some snows in Sept and Oct in the mts. But it has settled back into a gorgeous fall that many of us want to milk as long as possible. Our rain gauge sure measured a LOT of water this year... more than the charts here indicate. This morning appeared to be our coldest night of the fall so far, here near the town of Paonia... a balmy 26 degrees. But I have a cold frame full of salad greens a vegetables and all my root veggies are hunkered down under straw and a small hoop house for the winter. The snows in the mts have been lingering and melting, causing the rivers to turn muddy. Not sure if we'll get our "typical" major Halloween mt snowstorm or not, but supposedly the So. San Juans and Central mts are to receive above avg moisture. So I am just reveling in the blue sky, fall color decay of the moment. Enough leaves are starting to blanket the perennial beds that I need to start cutting everything back for the season today.

    Did we have above avg precipitation this year in and around Paonia? Because my rain gauge says YES!
    be happy and hope that if we are to continue to receive extra moisture, I will have a great time skiing this year!