Nov 23, 2014 - Nov 29, 2014
daily average °F
30 year average
30 year avg.
37 °F
30 year avg.
36.55 °F
30 year avg.
36.1 °F
30 year avg.
35.7 °F
30 year avg.
35.25 °F
30 year avg.
34.85 °F
30 year avg.
34.4 °F
Have you seen change this week?
  • We're still teetering in extremes - warm, freezing, dry, wet - and finally some real snow in town and not just the mountains. I remember past years when we had almost a foot of snow that stayed then entire month of mid-Nov to mid-Dec. We haven't had that kind of snowfall in a long time. Food is growing nicely in the cold-frame and hoop house, but I still haven't cleaned up my veggie garden yet.... it's still a jungle!

    Are we generally getting our significant snowfalls later than "usual"? It sure seems like it...
    to start thinking seriously about skiing! McClure is calling :)