Aug 24, 2014 - Aug 30, 2014
daily average °F
30 year average
30 year avg.
71.05 °F
30 year avg.
70.85 °F
30 year avg.
70.6 °F
30 year avg.
70.4 °F
30 year avg.
70.15 °F
30 year avg.
69.9 °F
30 year avg.
69.65 °F
  • At 3:19 a.m. Sunday, Napa Valley was still its placid self, the leafy wine capital of America. Silent but for a few night owls, its upscale stores sat locked, the usual weekend rush of tourists still hours away.That all transformed in less time than it takes to pull a cork.Six miles away and nearly 7 miles beneath the Earth's surface, one of the area's spiderwebs of earthquake faults woke with a 6.0-magnitude fury at 3:20 a.m. - and when the local shaking stopped about five seconds later, a different Napa emerged.
Have you seen change this week?
  • Not sure about the precipitation gauge on the chart here... Our rain gauge has been showing lots of .5" and .75" days over the past couple weeks! It's been a cooler summer overall and moist/humid. I feel like I'm living in the NW.

    I feel like this has been a wetter and cooler summer than we've had in a long time
    to get over the fact that my hot weather plants (peppers, tomatoes) are just not going to be very good this year